When Do Braces Stop Hurting? Do Braces Hurt?

When Do Braces Stop Hurting?

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Most people hate going to the dentists and with reason…It sometimes HURT to go there.

You are probably considering getting braces and you are wondering; When do braces stop hurting? Or maybe you got braces not long ago and you are wondering if the pain will ever go away. 

When the dentist install the braces is a painless process in most cases but you WILL find that it hurts in the first few days right after. This is normal, it means your teeth are getting straighter.


The First Few Days After Braces

YOU WILL experience mild to severe soreness after you get your braces for a few days.

You might also notice tooth and gum soreness, especially when chewing. You will most likely experience pain inside your cheeks from the archwire and brackets. Tongue soreness is to be expected also as it will run over your new braces repeatedly.

Do Braces Hurt When They Are Tightened Every Month?  


It will be painful every time your braces are tightened every month or so. It is the most painful part of the braces treatment.

It will get better after a few days and you might need to eat soft food for the few first days. 

 It is normal and part of the process. The archwire must be pulled tighter over time in order to make your teeth straighter.


Why Do Braces Hurt?


They hurt because they are shifting the position of your teeth. It basically means your teeth are getting straighter.

The brackets from the braces can also create small cuts along the inside of the cheeks and this can be super painful.

If you happen to need jaw realignment and require rubber bands to be attached from top brackets to bottom brackets, this can also be quite painful in the jaw muscles.


How To Reduce The Pain Of Braces Treatment?


There is no way to completely eliminate the pain but you sure can reduce it.

The first one is to use over-the-counter pain relief. try Acetaminophen, naproxen sodium and ibuprofen.

Ceramic braces are often more painful than metal braces so if pain is your #1 issue, you should go with the metal ones.

Make sure to take care of your teeth during the treatment! Tooth decay can be a major source of pain for braces patients.

Eat an easy-to-eat diet plan in order to feel less pain, especially just after an adjustment.


The Best Braces-Friendly Foods?


Eating braces friendly foods is the best way to make sure you won’t feel a lot of discomfort during your treatment.

Here is a list of foods you might consider during your treatment:



-Ice cream


-Sugar free jello

-Mashed potatoes

-Hummus and salsa


-Steamed vegetables


-Soft fruits

In most cases your orthodontist will also provide you with a list like this.

Again, no pain no gain. If you feel pain it means your teeth are getting straighter (which is good).