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 Philips Teeth Whitening Review: Brutally Honest Review


In this Philips Zoom teeth whitening review, you will find out if the hype is real.

Philips Zoom is a USA based company that manufactures teeth whitening products that are then distributed to dentists and direct to consumers.

 The whitening ingredients that make the Philips Zoon work so well are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients are mixed in a gel formula, mixed with other ingredients to help prevent  danger to your teeth.

 The dentist will apply the gel in an invisible tray, and will then put the tray on your teeth. You will wear the tray for at least 20 minutes every day for the duration of the treatment. If you go to the dentist in order to use this system, then they will use a special acceleration light in order to accelerate the process.

 Is the Philips Zoom the best system on the market right now? Before we do into the details of the Philips Zoom, here are the best alternatives on the market in our opinion:


This teeth whitening product is our favourite. The White Smile system is really high quality and the price is amazing too.


Glowup is also one of our favourite because they give you a personalized treatment based on YOUR teeth.


COCO Lab gives you everything the Philips Zoom gives you but at a much cheaper price.


Another alternative to the Philips Zoom whitening kit. This teeth whitening kit is MUCH cheaper and does a really good job.



These whitening strips are proven. Everybody have seen them at the local grocery stores before and they have been selling for years. They use an older technology, but it still works well.



    Another cheap alternative to the Philips Zoom. Why pay a lot of money when you can get it for cheaper?

 Philips Zoom Instructions

 You have two options with the Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment. You could go to the dentist and do the whole treatment in one shot, or simply do it at home over a period of multiple days.

More and more people prefer to whiten their teeth at home and this is why there are more and more teeth whitening products entering the market.

There are two options when it comes to the Philips Zoom; the DayWhite, or the NiteWhite…

 Here is how to use the DayWhite;

-Brush your teeth

-Apply a little bit of whitening gel in the tray

-Try to dry off your teeth with a tissue

-Put the trays on your teeth

-Wear the trays for a minimum of 30 minutes

-Remove the trays and rinse your mouth

Here is how to use the NiteWhite:

-Brush your teeth

-Apply some gel in the tray

-Wear the trays for at least two hours or overnight as you sleep

-In the morning, remove the trays and rinse your mouth

 Philips Zoom Reviews

 Philips Zoom Whitening: Conclusion

 The philips zoom whitening system works well but there are better alternatives out there. The alternatives we listed above are much cheaper and they use a similar and sometimes better technology than the Philips Zoom.