Oral B 500 vs 1000 vs 1500 Pro Toothbrush: Brutally Honest Comparison

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Electric toothbrushes have come a long way. Now, you have timers and pressure sensors that help you figure out how to brush your teeth properly.

With so many options on the market, you might be already gravitating towards a popular toothbrush brand: Oral B.

Confused about the Oral B 500, the 1000, and the 1500? In this guide, we’ll compare them side by side to help you make your decision.

  • The Oral B 500 does not have a pressure sensor to prevent you from pushing too hard, unlike the 1000 and 1500
  • All three brushes have one brush head, but the 1500 does have 2 cleaning modes rather than one
  • Each brush has a varying amount of battery life, so you have to charge the 500 every 7 days, the 1000 every 10 days, and the 1500 every 14 days
  • It’s true that the 1500, being the most recent model, does cost more than the other two models. The 500 is the most cost-effective model
  • All three toothbrushes do include certain features, like a 30-second reminder and a smart timer to help you brush more efficiently

Oral B 500 Advantages

  • Price

The cost isn’t everything when it comes to your toothbrush, but you might not want to drop a bunch of money on a brush either, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why you might love the Oral B 500, which has a price tag that’s accessible while still including all the general features you would expect out of your basic electric toothbrush.

  • Clean Teeth Timers

Ultimately, if you have a little trouble keeping your teeth clean, the Oral B 500 can help. Set the two-minute timer so that you know how long you have to brush for, and every thirty seconds, the brush will vibrate so that you know to move to a new section of your mouth. With the powerful brush head, you’ll be able to remove more plaque as you go.

  • Easy to use

This is a great entry-level brush. You don’t need to put in much work to get started, and can start by plugging it in right away.

Oral B 500 Disadvantages

  • Lack of Features

You are getting an entry-level brush when you pick up the 500. This means that you do not have features like a pressure sensor, and you don’t have more than one mode of usage either. It’s a good brush, but it includes no extra features.

  • One Mode

For a brush at this price point, it’s not really a problem to have only one mode of cleaning. Still, you might wish that you had another mode to adjust the pressure or the power to make cleaning more comfortable.

  • 2D Cleaning

This type of cleaning means that the brush doesn’t pulsate when it brushes. This may not bother you, but this means that you may not be able to clean your teeth as much when you’re using this model.

Oral B 1000 Advantages

  • Pressure Sensor

Unlike the 1500, you don’t have a visible pressure sensor that you can see, but there is a pressure sensor in this brush to prevent you from exerting too much pressure on your teeth and gums. If there’s too much pressure, the brush motor will slow down on its own, and you’ll hear a slight difference in the sound that the brush makes.

  • Price

The Oral B 1000 is a great choice if you’re looking for some of the advanced features of the 1500, but don’t want to pay the price of the 1500. You can get a cheaper brush that will still allow you to clean your teeth without breaking the bank.

  • Cleaning Effectiveness

Thanks to the CrossAction brush head, which works using oscillation, rotation, and pulsation, your teeth will be cleaner than with comparable brushes. The cleaning action is actually proven to remove about 300 percent more plaque than other options, which means that it’s three times more effective than the Oral B 500.

Oral B 1000 Disadvantages

  • One Mode

Similarly to the 500, you only have one cleaning mode with the Oral B 1000. This means that you won’t be able to adjust the pressure, which may annoy you if only because this brush costs more than the previous model.

  • Battery Life

In the end, the Oral B 1000 tends to only last for about the same amount of time—in terms of battery life—as the 500. You may find yourself struggling to remember to plug it in when you might have expected it to last longer.

  • Pressure Sensor

Yes, your pressure sensor is also a bit of a negative. This is because there’s no LED light to help you know when you’re pushing too hard, which may be problematic for you if you need a more visual representation.

Oral B 1500 Advantages

  • Two Cleaning Modes

The Oral B 1500 stands out due to the fact that it has two cleaning modes rather than one. It includes the Daily Clean mode, which both of the previous two models have. This mode is for every day usage. Then you have the Sensitive mode, which is gentler an will offer you a less powerful and softer brushing experience, although you will not be using the full power of the brush.

  • Visible Pressure Sensor

In the 1500, you have what’s called a visible pressure sensor. It’s basically a red/orange panel along the back of the brush that will shine if you push down a little too hard. This lets you know that you need to reduce the pressure that you’re using. When you do, the light will go out.

  • Extra Features

You have a few extra features available to you in the 1500 that really sets it apart from your other options. This includes a timer, a pacer, and a huge battery life that will let you use it for weeks at a time without you needing to charge it. It also helps that it has the same type of cleaning action as the 1000.

Oral B 1500 Disadvantages

  • Price

The thing is: this brush costs more than your other options, and may cost more than you’re willing to spend on something like a toothbrush. This may not be worth it when you think about the fact that you have a lot of the same features in the 1000.

  • One Color

You might not want the white color of the 1500, which can be a little difficult to keep clean when you’re always brushing your teeth. Other brushes offer you different colors that may be more convenient.

  • Too Much

Ultimately, you might decide that this toothbrush just has too much for you—so you might not need the extra pressure sensors or the various features that you’re paying more for.

What’s The Difference Between Them?

Battery Life

It’s just annoying when you wake up in the morning, get ready, and then—oh no, your toothbrush isn’t charged. It happens, and it’s unfortunately more likely to happen if you have a toothbrush that doesn’t have as long of a battery life.

The Oral B 500 will last for about seven days, while the 1000 is said to last for 10 days, although with our tests, we’ve found that it perhaps might only last for 8 days. The 1500 can go for a total of 14 days before you need to think about recharging it.

Verdict: The Oral B 1500 lasts for about twice as long as the other options, meaning that you likely won’t run out of charge. You will need to still remember to charge it though.

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Pressure Sensor

The whole point of a pressure sensor is to ensure that you don’t accidentally hurt your teeth with too much pressure, since some of these toothbrushes can have a lot of power. The 500 doesn’t have any sort of pressure sensor to stop you when you push too hard. By contrast, the Oral B 1000 does include a sensor that will change the sound of the brush and slow the bristles when you’re pushing too hard. It will return to its usual power when you reduce some of the pressure.

If you really want a brush that will help you use the right amount of pressure, your best option is the 1500. This brush includes a visible pressure sensor with an LED light that will let you see exactly when you’re using too much pressure. It will stop lighting up when you reduce the pressure on your teeth.

Verdict: The Oral B 1500 is the easiest option for detecting pressure, if only because the pressure sensor is actually visible, and not only based on vibrations.

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Cost matters. When you’re contemplating spending a lot of money on a toothbrush, of course cost matters. As you might expect, the earliest model—the 500—costs the least, and the 1500 costs the most, while the 1000 falls in between. If you’re looking for something that’s entry-level, you’ll want the 500, but if you really do need the extra mode and features, it might be worth it to spend more for something higher-end.

Verdict: The Oral B 1000, if only because it’s not overtly expensive, but it does have more upgraded features as compared to the 500. It’s a good compromise between both models.

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Cleaning Modes

If you have more sensitive teeth, you need potentially a brush that is a little more sensitive too. The only issue is that the Oral B 500 and 1000 only have one cleaning mode. You’ll have to use these brushes at full power even if they’re a little too strong for your teeth. If you want a toothbrush that’s a little better for sensitive teeth, it’s best to choose the Oral B 1500.

This includes a sensitive mode that you can adjust to if you find that the normal power is too intense for you.

Verdict: The Oral B 1500, which is the only model that has two cleaning modes, although if you don’t have super sensitive teeth, you might not really need the extra mode.

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Both the Oral B 1000 and Oral B 1500 include timers as well as quadpace technology. This means that they will time you for two minutes so that you know how long to brush for, and will make a little pulse every 30 seconds so that you know when to switch from one section of your mouth to another. You’ll get all of your mouth equally clean, and don’t need to remember when to switch sections.

The 500 does not include the quadpace technology, although you do still have a two-minute timer that will let you know when you’ve got your teeth nice and clean. If you don’t need the 30-second timer, this is a great option.

Verdict: The Oral B 1000 has both the timer and the quadpace technology, and comes at a cheaper price than the 1500 too.

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All three of these brushes have good grips that you should be able to hold onto without any problem, but it’s true that the Oral B 500 is a little bulkier than the other two, which are made to be sleek in appearance and easy to hold onto. Of course, the 500 is easy to hold too, and all three of them are low-profile enough for you to keep them on your counter.

All three of them also have some rubber grips on the sides to make them easier to hold onto.

Verdict: It depends on your hand size here, and if you think you’ll need a bulkier handle. If you do, the Oral B 500 is your best bet.

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Brushing Action

This is important, since a strong brushing action will help you clean out even the crevices in your teeth. The Oral B 500 brushes well, but does not include the cross-action brushing that you get with the 1000 and the 1500.

By cross action, we mean the fact that the brush head will oscillate, rotate, and pulsate in order to remove more plaque than comparable options. Compared to the 500, brushes with the cross-action brushing will allow you to clean up to 300 percent more plaque. The 500 may be a great entry-level option, but you might want a more expensive option if only to be sure that your teeth are as clean as possible.

Verdict: The Oral B 1000 is the best option here, since it does include the cross-action brushing, but it also comes in at a cheaper price point as compared to the 1500.

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You can’t go wrong with picking any of these three brushes, but the Oral B 1500 really does stand out as unique. With more features and even a gentler cleaning mode, the 1500 is worth the investment if you have the budget.

Coming in at a close second is the Oral B 1000. Not only is it set at an affordable price, but it also includes some of the advanced features of the 1500.

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