How Much Do Braces Cost? What is The Average Price For Braces – Ho To Save Money?

How Much Do Braces Cost?

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It is probably no surprise to you that braces can be super expensive…But how expensive exactly?

In this article we will give you a breakdown of the costs.

Also, have you ever thought about getting a at home clear aligners treatment? It is now possible now to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners at home for super cheap. Check out our article on this subject by CLICKING HERE.

Braces – How Much Do They Cost?

There are multiple reasons why people wear braces. It could be for cosmetic reasons, because of an overcrowding, an overbite, an underbite, etc. All of these issues can lead to other issues like gum disease, tooth pain, decay, headaches, etc. Some people also have byte problems and braces can increase their tooth functionality.

It is expensive but in the end it is worth it.

 Not only will you have to spend money, but you will have to spend tome and inconvenience. Braces are painful and the average treatment time ranges from 1 to 2 years.

 In the end it all depends on the complexity of your treatment, where you live and the orthodontist you decide to go with.

Another important factor is the type of braces you want to go with.


Traditional Braces Cost


These are the braces most people go with, because they are the cheapest.

If you have a complex case that require a lot of work, you might HAVE to go with traditional braces even if you don’t want to. A lot of people want to get invisible aligners but they can’t because of the complexity of their case.

Traditional braces cost between $2,500 to $8,000.

The treatment basically consists of getting metal brackets fastened directly to your teeth and then connected and held in place by elastic bands. The dentist will tighten the wires over time to bring the teeth in their desired location.


Ceramic Braces Cost


Ceramic braces are often chosen because they are more discreet than the conventional ones.

Ceramic braces are a little bit more expensive than the regular ones. You can expect to pay between $3,500 to $9,000 for them. They are more expensive because the average treatment time is usually a little bit longer than with the metal regular braces.

The biggest advantage of ceramic braces is they are clearer. They are less noticable than regular braces.


Invisible Braces Cost


“Invisible” braces are becoming extremely popular! The most popular option is called Invisalign and costs about $3,500 to $9,000.

Another option is to go with at home invisible retainers. These are MUCH cheaper and they are becoming super popular. We did an article on them. Click HERE.

This treatment is a little bit different because there are no semi-permanent brackets or wires. Invisalign uses custom-fit trays in order to make your teeth move gradually. These invisible aligners are removable and you need to wear them for like 22 hours per day. You basically just remove them to eat and brush your teeth.

A lot of people go with them, especially the At home ones (click here to see the best ones) because they are not that much expensive and they are invisible!

However, if you have a severe misalignment or bite issue they might not be suitable for you.


Lingual Braces Cost


Lingual braces are essentially traditional braces attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front. You cannot get more invisible than that!

Lingual braces are usually quite expensive. They usually costs between $5,500 to $13,000.

Not only are they expensive, but they are quite not comfortable because your tongue will always rub on them…

Some people also put lingual braces on top and get regular braces for the bottom ones.


Breakdown of Associated Costs


The type of braces is the main factor when it comes to the price. The price your dentist charges is also important.

Most orthodontists will charge about $100 for the initial consultation.

Some of them also charge separately for X-rays at a cost of $25-250. 

Another costs is the retainer at the end of the treatment. They usually cost between $150 to $600.

In the end you really have to take an appointment to know the real cost you will have to pay.

Lowering The Cost Of Your Braces?


Can Medicare or Medicaid help with your braces? Most likely not as they are considered as a luxury expense by both the government and insurance companies.

Medicare is a federal program for those 65+ and they almost never pay for dental procedure unless they are considered an emergency. Braces are not an emergency so they will most likely not pay.

Medicaid might help depending on where you live. You should contact them.

If you have children you might get help with the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The first thing you should do to find out whether your state will help with getting a dental insurance for children is to contact the Center for Medicaid and CHIP services. The other thing you can do is simply ask local orthodontists, as they usually know.


Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?


More and more dental insurances are starting to cover braces. Each dental insurance is different and you will need to ask them if they do.

Most plans have an annual limit of $1,000 to $1,500 but some plans even cover up to $3,500. 

You should expect to pay money out of your pocket no matter how good your insurance is.


Getting Discounted Braces From Dental Schools


Some orthodontic schools sometimes offer discounted treatments. The treatment is discounted because it will be done by students and it will most likely require more time from your part.

The work will be supervised by professionals so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the treatment.


Getting Your Braces Overseas


A lot of people are going overseas in order to dental procedures because it is much cheaper.

More and more people in developed nations are travelling abroad for dental procedures, including braces.

Of course you need to factor in the plane tickets to go there, but in most cases even with the tickets you end up paying less.

The biggest problems with this is with braces you need to visit the dentist every month or so for adjustments, you would need to stay overseas for a long period of time.

Other Strategies To Lower The Cost.


Here is a list of other ways to lower the cost of your braces;

-Shop around. You will notice there is quite a big difference between the orthodontists out there.

-Pay cash. Some orthodontists will offer you a discount if you pay cash.

-Ask for a discount. Simply ask the dentist if they can lower the price for you. In most cases they will offer you a discount.

-Get your braces early. The younger you are, the more malleable your mouth is and the easier it will be and therefore cheaper.