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 At Home Denture Cleaning: The best practices!


In this at home denture cleaning blog post, you will find out the best ways to clean your dentures at home. You don’t need to invest a lot of money, you also don’t need to go visit your dentist, and the end result will be great!

Dentures require proper care if you want them to stay clean and last long. If you don’t clean them properly, you will see stains on them really quickly. If you want to take good care of your dentures, follow these steps:

-Every time you eat, remove and rinse your dentures. You simply want to run water on your dentures to remove all the food debris. 

-Be gentle. You don’t want to damage by bending your dentures while you are cleaning them so be careful.

-Brush your teeth. After you remove your denture, you want to clean your teeth. Read our review of the best electronic toothbrush on the market right now by CLICKING HERE

-Clean your denture at least once per day. Ideally, you clean them every time you eat.

 There are a few denture cleaning products you ABSOLUTELY need if you have dentures. Here are a few of them: 




.Homemade & natural denture cleansers


Here are a few at home natural methods for you to clean your dentures! These are good homemade denture cleaning techniques.

1) Baking Soda. This is a great and cheap way to clean your dentures. It will whiten everything and also remove odors from your device. You simply have to mix some baking soda with water on your toothbrush and simply clean your denture. Make sure to rinse after.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide. Similar to baking soda, this is an efficient and cheap way to clean your dentures. Like baking soda, this will remove stains and help with odors. Simply let your denture soak in hydrogen peroxide all night.

3) Lemon Juice. Because lemon juice is acidic, it is great for removing stains and it also help with odors. You only have to squeeze a lemon into a cup, add some water and then let your dentures soak in the lemon juice for at least one hour. Simply rinse after and there you go, your denture is now cleaned.

4) White Vinegar. This is a good hack to remove all the plaque buildup and all the bacterias from your dentures. Simply fill a cup of vinegar and let your denture soak in it for at least a few hours. Simply rinse your denture after and there you go, your denture will be cleaned.

5) Salt. Simply mix some salt with warm water and clean your denture after. Another thing you could do is mix some water with salt and let your denture soak all night in it.


Make sure to go visit your dentist


You should go to your dentist so they can examine your denture once in a while. Your dentist will make sure your denture properly fit and they can also clean it professionally. Some people simply bring their denture twice per year, at the same time they get their teeth cleaned.

Here is a really good video on how to clean your dentures.