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 HISMILE Teeth Whitening Review: Brutally Honest Review


In this HiSmile teeth whitening post, you will find out if the hype is real!  You’ve probably seen multiple celebrities endorsing HiSmile on Instagram and in other places. Is the hype real? Let’s find out in this HiSmile review.

Founded by two Australians, HiSmile turned out to be a HUGE teeth whitening company. No need to go to the dentist and pay hundreds of dollars to whiten your teeth anymore. With HiSmile, you can whiten your teeth for cheap and from the comfort of your home.

 Is HiSmile really the best option though? In the last few years, A LOT of new teeth whitening companies entered the market and you now have dozens of other options. In this HiSmile review, you will learn about the company but you will also learn about other companies that offer similar product.

Here are a few other companies offering teeth whitening products. We also did a blog post reviewing the BEST teeth whitening products on the market. CLICK HERE to see it.


The White Smile teeth whitening system is our favourite. The product is super high quality and the price is great! The system uses a dual-light technology and the devise is wireless and rechargeable.


Glowup is the only company on the market to gives you a really PERSONALIZED treatment. They take into account your brushing habits, your teeth’s sensitivity, etc, in order to give you the best treatment plan.


COCO Lab gives you a really high quality teeth whitening product. They claim that they will brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades, or they will refund your money.


This one is similar to the other ones and pretty much uses the same technology, but the cost is much lower…



This product has been around for many years and use an older technology, strips. This system is proven and if you don’t mind using strips, then this cheap alternative works well.



    This is another cheap alternative that pretty much the same technology as the other ones.

 HiSmile Technology

 The HiSmile technology is pretty simple; it is similar to the teeth whitening companies out there. It basically consists of a combination of a whitening gel and a LED light. Here are the ingredients of the HiSmile gel;

 -Chamomile flower extract

 -Pomegranate seed extract

 -Sodium bicarbonate

 -Sodium chlorate

 -Aloe leaf juice

 Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) is really abrasive and this allows it to really remove stains on teeth. The combination of  baking soda and sodium chlorate (a bleaching agent) does wonders.

 HiSmile Teeth whitening system a little bit different than the other ones because most of them use hydrogen peroxide. It is well know this product can damage the gums, and HiSmile does not use it.

 Because HiSmile doesn’t use hydrogen peroxide, this makes it the ideal teeth whitening kit for those with sensitive teeth.

 HiSmile’s LED light makes sure to accelerates the whole teeth whitening process. With whitening STRIPS, we used to need to wear them for about 30 minutes per day. With HiSmile’s technology, you can  whiten your teeth in about 10 minutes per day.


 HiSmile Review: How To Use

 Using HiSmile is pretty simple. You need to follow 5 easy steps.

1) Before you do anything, you should brush your teeth. You want to make sure you remove any bacterias that could interfere with the teeth whitening process. Rinse your mouth right after.

2) Put batteries in the LED light and attach it to the mouth tray.

3) Apply gel in the tray (top and bottom) and put it in your mouth.

4) Simply turn on the LED light and do nothing for about 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is up, the LED light will turn off!

5) You can now remove the tray and rinse the gel with water. That’s it!


 HiSmile Review: How Long Does It Last?

 When you get your HiSmile teeth whitening lit, you will get six whitening applications and you need to apply the gel at least once per day for six days straight. After that period, you don’t have to do it everyday. 

HiSmile will last you at least two months, and maybe more depending on your lifestyle. Of course if you drink red wine and coffee everyday, the results won’t last as long.

 After you apply the product for six days straight, you can only use it every week or two in order to maintain your results.


 HiSmile Reviews: How Long Does It Last?

 Here are a few HiSmile reviews from real customers that actually bought and tried the product.


 HiSmile Review: The Price

 The price for the HiSmile teeth whitening system is $59.99 as we are writing this. At some point you will surely need more gel, and for three boxes of refill the cost will be $23.99.

Like a lot of companies in the dental space, you can sign up to a subscription with them and they will send you gel refill every few months. We did an in-depth review of the best dental subscriptions, CLICK HERE to read it.