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GOBY Toothbrush: Brutally honest review


In this Goby electric toothbrush review, you will know if the hype is real regarding this electric toothbrush…

As you probably know by now, there is quite a lot of options on the market when it comes to toothbrush subscriptions. This is why we wrote an in depth blog post describing which one is the best. Click HERE to read it.

 Founded by Claire Burke and Ben goldberg, the Goby toothbrush is great for those who wants an affordable option with a really nice design. 

In our opinion, the best electronic on the market right now is the BURST electric toothbrush. Read our review of them by click HERE.




Goby Toothbrush


The Goby electric toothbrush is one of the few subscription options on the market right now. They provide to the consumer a nicely designed, direct-to-consumer dental care experience without the higher price tag of some of the brands out there.

The toothbrush is minimalistic with only one button and it only has two settings, compared to other brands with 3 or more settings. Like the other electric toothbrushes out there, the head oscillates back and forth (some electric toothbrushes use vibration instead).

The founders really tried to keep things as simple as possible with this toothbrush. Some other brands out there are super expensive and offer so many options and settings, but nobody uses them. With the Goby, they offer a simple toothbrush at a relatively low price. 

Their philosophy is that your toothbrush doesn’t have to be complex in order to give you a proper clean. This quite emphasizes the underlying meaning of their brand; Go. Be. 


Goby Toothbrush Price


A lot of these direct-to-consumer electric toothbrush companies sells a lot more products than jsut the toothbrush and new heads. Some sell toothpaste, etc. Not with Goby. Goby only offers you an electronic toothbrush and if you decide to subscribe, you will get new brush heads every 1-3 months, depending on what you choose.

Goby gives you 3 standards options when it comes to their brush kits, and you also get limited edition brushes.

Metallic brush kit


For the metallic brush, the price is $95 if you only order the brush without the subscription, and $80 is you take it with their subscription!

Glacier Electric Toothbrush


For the metallic brush, the price is $75 if you only order the brush without the subscription, and $60 is you take it with their subscription!

Classic brush kit


For the metallic brush, the price is $65 if you only order the brush without the subscription, and $50 is you take it with their subscription!




What’s in the box


Once you order and get the box delivered to your place, you can expect to get;

-One electric Goby toothbrush

-One travel case 

-One plastic wall brisk to plug in the USB charging cord

-Charging cord with wireless charger

-A base for charging

Features of the toothbrush


Here are some of the key features of the Goby toothbrush;

-Comes with a sensor that will let you know if you brush too hard. The sensor will change the vibration automatically. 

-The oscillating brush is perfect to remove surface stains.

– It uses just one brush head and it is quite soft…Some brush have super firm brushes and some people do not like it.

-There is a 2-minute timer to let you know exactly the perfect amount of time you should brush your teeth.

-The battery life is about two weeks. There are better toothbrushes with better battery life out there, but two weeks is still good.

Pros & Cons


Let’s start with the Pros;

-Minimalism design. The design is just great!

-Amazing for stain removal. It is well known that oscillatory brushes are the best for stain removal.

-They are direct to consumer and therefore you are getter a much better price.

-The sensitive mode. If you have sensitive gums, then this might be perfect for you as they have a sensitive mode.

-The brush head subscription will make sure you always a functional brush head.


Now let’s see the cons;

-They don’t give you toothpaste with it. You will have to buy your own high quality toothpaste like the Sensodyne and the Crest Charcoal 3D.

-You have to buy replacement brush heads from them directly.



Should you get one?


You can visit the Goby website to lean more, but in our opinion, the BURST electric toothbrush is simply the best on the market right now. It is cheap, high quality, and gives you all the features you could dream of. You can read our blog post that reviews them in details HERE.