BYTE ™ Invisible Aligners Review 2020: Brutally Honest Review

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BYTE ™ Review: Is it a good option?

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In this Byte review, we are going to explain in details whether or not Byte is a good option for you. We pretty much tried all the companies out there at this point so we know exactly which ones are the best. 

Byte is a newer company that claims it can fix your teeth in a shorter amount of time than the other companies out there like Smilelove, Smile direct club, Candid co , Alignerco (New company that coasts only $1150)! , Straight My Teeth (Cheapest company in Europe at $799 Euros) etc.

The reason they claim they can straighten your teeth faster is because they are using a device called Hyperbyte that uses high frequency vibration.

Unfortunately we have two people on our team that are on the Byte treatment right now, and it seems like the process isn’t faster than with the other companies at all. Their treatment will take 8-9 months in total, which is average with the other companies also.


From our experience, all the companies out there are pretty much using the same technology and the main difference between them is the price and the customer service. Other than Invisalign, Smile Direct Club is the most trusted brand in this market, and Smilelove is a newer company with a ridiculously low price (they also have the best customer service). AlignerCo is the cheapest company on the market right now, at only $1150. If you happen to live in Europe , Straight My Teeth is the best option at only $799 Euros.

What Byte did super well is their marketing. They have by far the best website and the best marketing. They even partnered with Dr. Jon Marashi, a famous Hollywood cosmetic dentist…Unfortunately if we had to advise someone on which of these clear aligners companies to go with, we would still advise them to go with AlignerCo or Straight My Teeth. This is why we are doing this Byte review; so that you can make the best choice possible.


Top reasons why we enjoy Byte™


#1 Their aligners are quite transparent. Let’s be honest, the reason you want to go with invisible aligners instead of metal braces is because THEY ARE INVISIBLE, so it makes sense to talk about this. The good news is Byte‘s aligners are quite transparent and nobody will notice you are wearing them. All the companies are using the same technology and they all have super clear aligners though.


#2 Hyperbyte. They are using a technology that uses high frequency vibrations in order to make your treatment shorter. It is supposedly helping with the discomfort during treatment also. Unfortunately we did not see any difference in the treatment length if we compare with the other companies out there. It seems like they are all using the same technology. The Hyperbyte devise is quite fun to use though ad it does help with the pain during the process.


#3 FREE retainers. Byte does not charge for the retainers you will have to wear at nigh in order to keep your teeth straight! It is recommended to order a new pair of retainers every six months or so, and Byte is giving you the first pair completely free of charge. This is a good thing, because some companies are charging about $100 for this.


#4 Comes with a premium whitening kit & an aligner case.

#5 Lifetime guarantee. Byte offers you a ¨ smile forever ¨guarantee which means that if for some reasons at any time after going through your treatment process your teeth moves and become out of alignment, they will give you another set of aligners at no additional cost!


Detailed pricing


Aligner Impression Kits

Byte impression kits are sold for $95


invisible aligners

Their online invisible aligners cost $1,900. Payment plans are optional and start at around $62 per month.



Byte provides free retainers with your clear aligners purchase.


Withening Kit

Byte provides you a premium whitening kit with your invisible aligners. 




They claim to shorten the duration of the treatment by half because of their special technology. Unfortunately we are not seeing any difference between them and the other companies out there on the market. In our experience all these companies are pretty much using the same technology and the treatment is the same from one company to the other one.

Now since every person’s smile has different needs, the duration of the program will depends on your specific needs.


Even if you have a severe problematic that requires a longer than average timeframe, you will still pay $1900!




As we are writing this, Byte is only available in the United States but they will surely expand as time goes by. Check on their website to see if they deliver to your country.

If Byte is not available in your country, we HIGHLY recommend you to check out Aligner Co and Straight My Teeth (For Europe)

Byte review: Overall Experience


You will be amazed and shocked by how fast you will start your treatment. You can expect to receive your impression kit maximum one week after you pay on their website. You can then expect to receive your aligners about two weeks after you return them your impression kit.

Everything will go quite fast, which is good. At first you will find these aligners to be super uncomfortable but you will get use to them with time. After a few days you won’t even notice them anymore.

Each time you will put on a new set of aligners you can expect to feel some minor pain in the first few days. It means your teeth are moving so this is good.


3 Easy Steps!


Step 1: Order your impression kit.

The first step is to make your payment on their website for the impression kit. Byte™ currently charges $95 for it. You will make a mold of your teeth with it and then return it to them so that their orthodontist can make a treatment plan for you.

The impression kit step consists of you making a few mold of your teeth and sending everything back to them. It takes about 20 minutes to do and the instructions they provide you with are super simple to follow.

You can expect to receive your impression kit within one week after you purchased it on their website!


Step 2: Look at the preview they will send you of the final result.

You surely will get excited at this point because you will be able to see EXACTLY how everything is going to look like at the end of your treatment. This is one of the HUGE advantages these clear aligners have over metal braces.

It is quite motivating and exciting to see what your teeth will look like at every stage of the process.

Here is an example of what you will receive:


At this point you can either accept or refuse the treatment plan they offer you. Also, there is a small possibility that you won’t quality if you have a severe case that absolutely need a local orthodontist. If this is the case, they will simply refund you.

The only company that refund you if you don’t qualify but ALSO IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE RESULT is Smilelove (and AlignerCo). Unfortunately Smilelove is not available everywhere but if they are available where you live, you should absolutely go with them as they are in our opinion the best option. Read our full review of them by clicking : HERE. To see if AlignerCo is available where you live click here.


Step 3: Get your Byte invisible aligners and start wearing them.

At this point you will receive your aligners and you can start wearing them! Caution: YOU WILL feel pain in the first few days each time you have a new set of aligners. THIS IS NORMAL, it means your teeth are getting straighter! No pain no gain! 

Also, you will probably be self-conscious at first because you will  think EVERYBODY can notice them. This is all in your head and you will soon notice that nobody will be aware you are wearing them.

Before & After



If you are hesitating between Byte or Invisalign or metal braces, then we would HIGHLY recommend you to go with Byte. We hope this Byte review explained what option is the best for you.

However, if you want to go with a cheaper option, we would highly recommend you to go with AlignerCo is you are in America and Straight My Teeth if you are in Europe. as they are the cheapest by far and they also have the best customer service out there. 

Again, all these companies are pretty much using the exact same technology and the only difference in the end is their marketing, the price and their customer service.


We hope this Byte review was helpful to you and make sure to read our other reviews on out website!