BOKA Toothbrush: Brutally honest review

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In this BOKA electric toothbrush review, you will know if the hype is real.

There are a lot of electric toothbrush on the market right now and a lot of toothbrush subscriptions that allow you to get new head brush delivered to your door. Check out blog post on the best ones on the market right now.

BOKA makes you directly buy from the manufacturer, skipping the middleman, and therefore offering a better price. Boka also offers an entire oral care subscription that offers everything you need when it comes to oral care; toothbrush, replacement heads, all-natural floss, fluoride-free toothpaste…

In our opinion, the BURST toothbrush is the best option on the market right now and it is superior to the BOKA one. Click here to read our in depth review of it.





What the hype is all about


Boka is a on mission to improve your overall oral health! There are more and more direct-to-consumer brands out there, and we made a blog post comparing the best ones on the market.

 The Boka electric toothbrush offers an efficient 30,000 vibrations per minute, which is standard in the industry. The toothbrush has soft activated bristles that limits bacteria growth and that will give you a more gentle brushing experience.

The toothbrush has a two-minute timer, which will make sure you brush your teeth for two minutes, which is the ideal time dentists recommend. They give you a toothbrush dock with a charging station to make sure you can use it at all time.

Boka also gives you a fluoride-free toothpaste, which contains nano-hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite has been created by the NASA in order for their astronauts to stop losing their teeth and bone minerals in the absence of gravity.

Boka sells a lot of other products on their website, like their natural beeswas floss. They also have a subscription plan. As we are writing this, the starter kit is $60 and comes with an electric toothbrush and a charging station.

Everytime someone buys a toothbrush from Boka, they donate money to Surge, a non-profit that brings water to poor people.


Natural ingredients


Boka takes pride in using natural ingredients when it comes to their toothpaste. Their are a lot of bad chemicals in toothpaste these days and you for sure want to be careful what you put into your mouth. Boka selects high-quality and clean ingredients formulated in the U.S.A.


Boka ElectricToothbrush Reviews


There are TONS of positive reviews online. Most of their reviews are positive and this explains why this toothbrush is so popular. There are a lot of dentists who recommends this toothbrush also.




Ela Mint Toothpaste


Included in the some of the subscriptions is the Ela mint toothpaste. The best thing about this toothpaste is that it trades fluoride for nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha). N-Ha is responsible for being the primary foundation of teeth and bones, which means it restores your teeth and it will also help in reducing sensitivity. Here are some of the features with the Ela mint toothpaste;


-It is fluoride-free

-It is paraben-free

-It os completely free from artificial flavors

-No endocrine disruptors


-Contains n-Ha, which remineralizes and desensitizes teeth

-Has aloe vera in it



Ela Mint Floss


As you know, everybody should floss their teeth! Boka offers high quality floss made with vegetable wax. Floss are usually made with teflon and petroleum, but not the Boka one.


Rasana Tongue Cleaner


As you probably know, tongue cleaning is super important! It is proven by science that the majority of bacteria responsible for bad breath resides on your tongue! Boka offers a curved stainless tongue cleaner to make sure your tongue is bacteria-free.


Is it really the best option?


In our opinion, the BURST toothbrush is the best option on the market right now. Make sure to read our in depth review of BURST by CLICKING HERE.