Best Bamboo Toothbrushes: Brutally Honest Review

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Best Bamboo Toothbrush: Brutally honest review


In this bamboo toothbrush review, you will find out which bamboo toothbrush is the best on the market right now!

More and more people want to buy bamboo toothbrushes these days, and for multiple reasons. The first reason is that they are antimicrobial. The second one is that they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Most people who worry about the environment want to buy bamboo toothbrushes and this is why there is more and more demand for them.

It is well known that plastic toothbrushes take FOREVER to naturally decompose and that they are super bad for the environment.

More and more people are starting to switch from bamboo toothbrushes instead of nylon. It can be confusing because there are so many options out there and this is why we created this guide.


 If you are looking for the BEST Bamboo toothbrush on the market right now, check this one out:




The Isshah Bamboo Toothbrush

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes - Pack of 4

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The Isshah bamboo toothbrush is great! Here are a few of its features:

-Pack of 4. It comes with 4 toothbrushes instead of one.

-Guaranteed. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love this toothbrush, they will refund you, no question asked.

-Biodegradable packaging: Even the packaging is good for the environment!

-The handle is super smooth.

The Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush

Colgate Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes, Eco Friendly Natural Bamboo Handle, Soft, 4 Count

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Colgate now offers a super high quality bamboo toothbrush!

-Quality tested by Colgate themselves

-The handle is made from natural bamboo, 100% natural

-The toothbrush is compostable

-Totally BPA free

-Even the packaging is recyclable

    Fifth & Eco Bamboo Toothbrush

    Eco-friendly, Natural Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush for Adults | 8 pack

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    Fifth & Eco offers a super high quality toothbrush!

    -Totally risk-free. If for some reason you don’t totally love your new toothbrush, simply return it and they will refund you.

    -Good for the environment. The toothbrush is Made with all-natural bamboo and vegan glue!

    -Smooth and plant-based handle.